Oklahoma FLL State Championship Rules

Practice Table Regulations

  1. Every team must sign up for a practice time at team check in when they arrive at the event.
  2. The practice table manager will handle the schedules and deal with any issues.
  3. Tables must be left in the same condition they were found in. This will be overseen by the practice table manager.
  4. Bring only your robot and it’s equipment to the practice table.
  5. No field kit pieces are to be removed from the table. Ask staff if you need something removed.
  6. Report any missing pieces to staff.
  7. Adhere to your scheduled time and be ready to leave the table when your time is up. Missed times are allowed as time permits.   There is no guarantee that missed times will be made up.
  8. The pit manager is the first contact point on issues. The event coordinator has final say on issues the arise.

Game Day Regulations

  1.  Gracious Professionalism shall be exhibited at all times by team members, coaches, mentors, and families.
  2.  Arrive as early as you can to set up your pit. See the schedule for arrival times.
  3. Adult  interference during the judging process or robot rounds is strictly prohibited. Any major issues in the eyes of the judging team may result in disqualification.
  4. Bring signed consent forms for all members of the team (adult coaches/mentors and children.)
  5. Attend the coaches meeting for last minute updates.
  6. All children are to use the buddy system or be accompanied by an adult.
  7. Please keep materials you bring in your pit for safety reasons.
  8. Do not enter anyones pit unless a member of the team is present .
  9. Turn off all bluetooth devices on the robot.
  10. Do not bring your table or field kit unless asked to do so by the event coordinator.
  11. Please manage food and drinks in the pit area, we want to keep the venue clean for our host.
  12. Bring money for concessions and lunch or bring your lunch. There is usually not time to go off site.
  13. Address all issues with the event lead for the respective area. If required, they will engage the head judge or event coordinator.
  14. Bring extra batteries for your robot.
  15. Bring storage containers to keep stuff organized.
  16. Cheating is not allowed and if caught the team will be disqualified.
  17. Bring some chairs for the pit if you like.