FLL Tournament Info: Preparing for judging


Welcome to the STONE AGE of FLL.

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While technology is a wonderful thing, we simply cannot always depend upon it being accessible at the same level everywhere we go.  In your preparations you need to plan for the absence of technology at events in order to be successful.  That means you must assume the following:

For Project Presentations:

  • No computers are provided at any event location.
  • No projectors, televisions, screens, or smart boards are provided at any location.
  • No electrical outlets are to be utilized by teams at any event location.
  • WiFi is most likely not going to be accessible or reliable at any event location
  • Cellular service may not work properly at any event location
  • Any electronic media that you require must be available offline and utilized on your hardware only.
  • Note: a pre-recorded video is NOT a live presentation and does not meet the requirements of the Project

For Robot Performance:

  • Electrical service may not be available at pit locations and remote charging stations may be utilized
  • (Do Not Leave items unattended at any charging station – Your things are your responsibility)
  • Bluetooth must be turned off on the EV3, programming at events shall only take place via hardwire cable
  • (Robots are not allowed to compete with Bluetooth communications on)

So what are we to do if the only technology that we can depend on at events is lighting and running water?

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For Project Presentations:

  • Go Old School with Poster Board
  • Save Files to Offline devices
  • Utilize team iPads or laptops if you feel that you must go hi-tech

For Robot Performance:

  • Bring extra AA batteries
  • Verify your EV3 settings BEFORE you leave your pit area
  • Be Creative!

Just remember that everything at the event is timed.  If your equipment is not ready when you enter the presentation, it takes away from your 5 minutes.  The boot time for cardboard is ZERO seconds and it never has problems with buffering.